The things God ask you to do.

How does God talk to you?  Is that a question you have ever asked yourself?  He talks to all us, all of the time.  The trick for us, is to listen when He talks to us.  He does not ever talk to me to through my ears.  For me, it is always my heart.  He puts things in my heart to help people.  One of the things He and I have gotten good at is this deal I have with God.  Our deal is this “Lord, if You don’t want them helped, then don’t lead them to me.”  With that in mind, I don’t try to help 90 percent of the people He brings across my path; I don’t try to help 95 percent of the people He brings across my path.  I try to help 100 percent of the people He brings across my path.  For no other reason, then it was God who brought them across my path.

God put in my heart to do Random Acts of Kindnesses (RAKs) for complete strangers. This way, I let The Holy Spirit direct me to the ones He wants me to help. He wanted me to somehow show them what God looks like down here on earth. I am Blessed that He choose me. So I went to the bank and withdrew $100. I asked the teller for ten, $10 bills. My plan was to randomly give out $10 bills to strangers as a random act of kindness. So off I went. After about my 6th RAK, God put in my heart that $10 was too small, so I went back to the bank and withdrew $200, this time I asked the teller for ten $20 bills. I converted the remaining $40, from my 1st set of RAKs. Combined with the $200, I could now do 12 RAKs with $20 bills.

Here is where I digress, do you ever feel close to where God is directing you to go, but not quite there? That is how I felt. After long thought and some deeper prayer, I felt God telling me that the $200 was the right direction He was leading me. I got the amount right. But, not divided up over 10 RAKs. He wanted me to give the whole $200 to one person.

After I said “Get behind me Satan, that’s not what God wants.” He touched my heart and said “Yes Juan, that is what I want you to do.” I then said “Wow, God really??” His reply was “Yes, really.” He then put in my heart that He wanted me to do this RAK every day for 1 year, not the rest of my life, but 1 year, 365 times. So I calculated just how much I would need in order to randomly give away $200 per day for a year. I would need a little over $6,000 a month or $73,000 for 1 year. I told Him, “I don’t have that kind of money God, we ain’t got it like that.” He then asked me what did I have? I told Him that I could come up with $1,000 a month, above and beyond my tithes, which would not land me and my family in the poor house (Monopoly). And I could sow that into His Ministry.

That would produces, 5 $200 RAKs, which would be 60 RAKs per year, or 5 times 12 months. Well, if you divide 365 by 60, that means I can do 1 RAK every 6.08 days right now. But just as the God I serve, multiplied the 5 loafs and 2 fish and fed thousands, He can multiply my loafs and fish as well. I don’t want to do this forever. But, I do want to do it for 1 whole year. Can you imagine how different the world will look after 1 whole year of helping people with something as significant as some strange man walking up to you and giving you $200 cash, and leaving as quickly as he arrived. Yes, I am convinced that the Lord will Blessed this as well and I will find the funds to do 365 Random Acts of Kindness.