165th RAK – Special Needs Teacher.

165th RAK – 24 Sep 2022; 5:08 pm.

  • Food Town the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. I just love how God watches over me. Then over me. Then over me. Then over me, again. I’m often amazed with how close God puts the things I need to do, in such proximity to, the places I need to be. His work I need to be doing. Food Town is all of 5 minutes away from my house. This is because God knows I don’t have the time to be driving all on the other side of town to complete His mission. So, you know I was only in the store about 3 minutes before I came across Shuntea Lewis and her daughter Netta King. I smile extra hard with He reveals Himself to me through a family, as opposed to an individual. Either way, my instructions are to call everyone they know and tell them what God did for them this day. The more people, the greater the multiple. I love math. It’s my favorite subject.  This mother and daughter attend Houston Northwest Church. And Ms. Lewis is also a Special Needs Teacher, giving back to community as if God was the one to direct it. You realize I’m just kidding. Of course, we know it was God, He’s always the one directing. Praise His Holy Name.

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