158th RAK – Again, a mother and her two kids – in Food Town.

158th RAK – 14 Mar 2020; 4:50 pm.

  • Food Town, the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. Man, do I feel Holy Spirit here in this place.  I feel Him throughout the day…all over the place.  But here, when I ask Him questions, He answers me right away. This time as I searched for the person, I was supposed to Bless that day, I was led to Nikki Davis and her two kids.  Funny thing was that when I asked her what church she attended, she said Macedonia Church.  They appeared to be in a hurry to get away from this strange man walking up to them in Food Town and asking what church they attended.  When I asked her if she had a minute, she said “Not really”. So, I started to walk off thinking to myself, “Very well ma’am, don’t have a minute then, I will find someone else to Bless”.  But that wasn’t thoughts coming from God, Our Lord and Savior.  I know who those thoughts were coming from, and it wasn’t God.  I love what happened next.  I tell myself throughout the day, if you ever have a thought in your big ole head, ask where that thought came from.  If the thought wasn’t from God, then the thought was from the deceiver.  And he ain’t never had your best interest at heart.  His thoughts are just to hurt you or hurt someone else. But, they ain’t thoughts from God. If we recognize that and turn 180 degrees from that thought, we would have to find God.  So, I turned 180 degrees away from that thought and turn myself back around and approached this mother for the second time.  I said to her “I know you go to church, but I have 3 questions for you and I already know your answer to these questions. First, do you believe in God, of course you do, and the answer is yes…you go to church.  Next, do you believe in Holy Spirit, of course the answer is yes.  Finally, are we supposed to listen to Holy Spirit.  Her reply was yes.  Then I showed her just what Holy Spirit sent me to deliver to her.  She couldn’t believe it.  She kept asking me “What’s the catch.” She must have asked me that 5 or 6 times.  I finally convinced her that there was no catch.  And how I wanted to be dead and gone and her 2 children remember the time in Food Town that some strange man, walked up to their mother and handed her $200 and told her that God sent him to deliver that to her. Praise the Lord!!

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  1. You are too funny lol. That’s right stick to what holy Spirit got to say! Have a blessed day.

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