164th RAK – Always Stop And Pray.

164th RAK – 9Sep 2022; 6:50 pm.

  • Food Town the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. Isn’t my God Merciful? Doesn’t my God possess such everlasting Grace? To allow me to fulfill my ministry He gave me, less than 10 minutes from my house is a true Blessing (from God). What if I must drive 30 minutes every time He told me, that my time would be better spent seeking someone to bless (from me) rather than time spent seeking a Blessing from Him? Praise His Holy Name. This time in the store, way in the back (had to search long for this one), after Holy Spirit said, Not that one; Not this one; Not that one. I came across Tina Stewart, and her daughter Regina Carter. Mine you Regina was more cautious than her mother at some strange man walking up to them asking what church they attended. Tina on the other hand, gladly and proudly said, Pilgrim Branch Missionary Baptist Church. After my questions concerning God and listening to Holy Spirit. And a brief explanation of my Ministry of Strengthen Fellow Christians. $200 dollars later, I prayed that Our Father’s protection encamps all around them, in Jesus’ Name. We hugged and she told me how she was recovering from a stroke last year. I prayed over that as well. I left her with instructions to call everyone she knew and tell them of the power of God.
  • As I was leaving the store I saw, walking toward me, a lady wearing a red shirt with white letters, The letters read; Always Stop And Pray. That generated a huge smile on my face. Look at God. 5 seconds either way and we would have missed each other. To see and experience the intentionality of Him, of God; is truly amazing!!