143rd RAK – Family out shopping – AZ12.

143rd RAK – 17 Jul 2019; 11:45 am – AZ12.

  • Walmart, Spring Cypress and FM 249.  Glory be to God, Bless His Holy Name.  This RAK took place while I was running here and running there.  Again, listening to Holy Spirit.  Sometimes, I must look far and sometimes I must look close.  I praise Him however, for the energy and the strength He gives me to look.  I didn’t even make it into the store this day.  As I got to the front door, this family was coming out.  I asked them what church they attended, the father said Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, under Pastor Raymond Hillies.  I introduced myself to them, they were Kenneth Heard and his wife Fran.  They were there with their 2 daughters Kendal age 15 and Kennedy age 15.  Everyone got my 2 standard questions concerning listening to God and listening to Holy Spirit.  With 2 yes’s I was ready to proceed with what God sent me there to do.  I gave them the $200 and the Book of Prayer and we all praised His Holy Name right there, right inside the door at Walmart, Spring Cypress and FM 249. Glory be to God.