142nd RAK – The time I couldn’t find a parking space – AZ11.

142nd RAK – 10 Jul 2019; 2:40 pm – AZ11.

  • Food Town on the corner of Huffmister and Cypress North Houston.  For people who don’t believe God talks to me as much as I tell them that God talks to me.  I believe EVERY thought put in my heart to help comes from Holy Spirit. As the selfish human being that I am (that we all are), without God, I am incapable of thinking about anybody other than self, self, self. This doesn’t have to be your theory.  But, it is mine.  Between God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, one of them put in my heart to do a RAK this day…to help someone this day.  So, I drove to Food Town, but all the parking spaces up front were taken.  Being the patient and obedient man that I am, I decided to give it a few minutes and wait for a spot to open.  So, I sat in my car patiently, after about 4 minutes a parking spot near the door opened. I said thank you Holy Spirit and pulled in. As I sat in my car getting all my stuff ready, I notice the car sitting next to me.  Inside it was a man, a lady who appeared to be his wife and a child sitting in the back seat.  I rolled down my window and asked him what church they attended.  He said Redeemer Christian Church of God.  I turned my car off, got out and introduced myself to them.  He was Olubunmi Olukoya, his wife Quinline, and their 10-year old grandson Aiden. I then asked my 2 standard questions concerning believing in God and listening to Holy Spirit. Of course, they believe in God and both believed it is critical to listen to Holy Spirit. I then showed them what Holy spirit sent me there to do. With the money and the Prayer Book, they were blown away because they were sitting there trying to figure out where their much-needed funds were going to come from.  They said there was a big need there, but they just kept praying, knowing God would deliver.  Praise His Holy Name.  He got out and gave me a big hug. I am sure their resolve that God will deliver got stronger this day. Praise His Holy Name Alonzo Pierce for your support. This is the 11th RAK Alonzo has helped me deliver. Look at God.

7 thoughts on “142nd RAK – The time I couldn’t find a parking space – AZ11.

  1. To my unselfish Superlative giving brothers, please continue to be about God’s Business. You make me Godly proud of the both of you. I love coming this way and reading the RANDOM Acts of Kindness.

  2. Alonzo you rock thank you for such a caring heart may God continue to show himself strong in your life as well. To God be the Glory!

  3. You are truly changing Houston and for the best. I am sure that the people you have blessed are better believers and better Christians as a result of you RAKs.
    Keep up the good work.
    Brother Bass

  4. What a blessing, both you and Alonzo! RAK is truly your calling from God! I mean what else would make men, (you & Alonzo)
    show this act of kindness to individuals who you don’t even know & to do it consistently & without expecting something in return! But God does reward those who diligently seek him & obey him!
    May God continue to bless you & Alonzo!

  5. Hello Guys,
    I just want to say thanks you so much for taking the time to worry about someone else,s in ability to eat just knowing you and there when people are in need is comforting.

  6. Juan Zane your unwavering love for God is Beyond measures . God is using you to spread blessings and his magnificent and amazing power to love his earthly creatures is so inspiring. I always knew you were special, gifted, and something very own ordinary. God bless you my friend my brother .

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