146th RAK – Rice Field Baptist Church in the house with Melinda Dightman!

146th RAK – 10 Sep 2019; 11:30 am.

  • This RAK took place at Kroger’s Grocery Store on Post Oak and Belford.  I was just leaving a Houston Black Real Estate Associations (HBREA) board meeting.  Go NAREB!  This was a quick one as well.  Sometimes it takes me longer to put them in the system than it does to deliver the actual RAK itself.  This was quick.  I had a friend with me.  It was Melinda Dightman, she is on our board of directors as well.  We just happened to run by the same store after the board meeting.  Once I told her what I was there to do, she prayed for me that I find the person Holy Spirit sent me there to bless that day.  Went all around the store and heard twice “No, I don’t attend church”. I smiled and told them how important it is to find a good church home.  That would be all that I can give them today…that and prayer.  But, no RAK.  When I asked Holy Spirit how would I know who He was sending me to?? He said, I was to ask them, what church do they attend?  The people He wasn’t sending me to; would say they did not go to church.  Man, that makes it easier.  Not to be dismayed, the next person I asked was Victoria Mickle, she attends Rich Field Baptist, under Pastor Johnson.  When I showed her what I was there for, we both praised His Holy Name.  Look at God.