147th RAK – Church Without Walls visitor – AZ15.

147th RAK – 21 Sep 2019; 4:40 pm

  • Back at Food Town, corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. This place in the story, I met Syreeta and her 15-year old son Donny. When you meet someone who’s spirit matches up with your spirit, you can feel it instantly.  When the reply to my standard question about what church do you go to, is met with a “I’m desperately seeking a good church home, I have been to the Church Without Walls several times but haven’t joined yet”.  I smiled, we then talked about God and the importance of listening to Holy Spirit.  She agreed at how important it is.  That’s when God allowed me to bless her. And right then and there, we both praised His Holy Name. Because it truly deserves to be praised.