150th RAK – Church Without Walls is back in the house – AZ16!!

150th RAK – 9 Nov 2019; 3:47 pm – AZ16.

  • Wow!! God got jokes and He uses them to make me laugh.  This is the 150th RAK I have been blessed enough to deliver in His Holy Name. And the 15th RAK delivered to someone that attends my church home…The Church Without Walls.  3-years ago I told God that I would give this ministry, He gave me, $1,000 a month above and beyond my tithes.  My tithes are the top 10% of my earnings. How is He going to direct that 10% of the people He allows me to be a blessing to, belong to my church home, The Church Without Walls?  Praise His Holy Name. I could do that over and over and over, and still not do it enough.  This time in Food Town on the corner of Huffmiester and Cypress North Houston, I was blessed enough to run in to Demetra Coleman.  Funny story was that as I sat in my car praying with Harry Paige concerning this RAK, I saw an older couple going in to Food Town.  I thought to myself “That’s them.”  I got my money (His money) together and headed in to the store.  When I reached this couple and asked what church they attended.  They said, “We don’t attend church.”  I told them about mine and wished them a blessed day. That was all I had for them that day.  I feel that people who don’t attend church will never quite believe that God sent me there to Bless them.  They are likely to believe that some crazy old fool walked up to them in Food Town and gave them $200.  This, as opposed to, God told this man to give me this, Praise His Holy Name.  That’s my ministry.  So, I walked further until I ran across Demetra Coleman.  When I asked what church, she attended.  She proudly replied, “The Church Without Walls”.  I smiled cause, He got jokes.  I then proceeded to Bless her how God directed me to Bless her. I told her that my ministry was to strengthen fellow Christians.  Praise His Holy Name. Because it truly deserves to be praised!!

8 thoughts on “150th RAK – Church Without Walls is back in the house – AZ16!!

  1. God did it again so glad he chose Christians for you to bless! What an awesome ministry and resources to have! May God continue to bless you and give you and your partner the desires of your heart.

  2. Beautiful blessing and testimony that I believe strengthens the message of God that this one blessing will snowball into many more in the name of Jesus. Amen.????
    Sis. (Dr.) Ahmal Renee Tuck, Member

  3. God got jokes on this 150 th RAk I do believe in my spirit that God is looking down from heaven with jokes thank you for being a blessing to Gods people may God continue blessing you and your ministry thank God for the 150th RAK love you bro Harry Paige , MPLM ??.

  4. Every time that I read about the RAK I’m just so blessed with how you are allowing God to use you to be a blessing to others Juan.

  5. During our years of ministry I’ve seen so many Christian people, members of different churches, go through difficult times in their lives. Some were actually ready to give up on the church because churches tend to ONLY reach out rather than take care of within. I’m so thankful to see that God has blessed you with the heart, means and discernment to care for His children in the church. You really encourage me to try harder everyday to reach for God to guide me in everything I do .

  6. Well to God Be the Glory! I know for a fact that this 150th Random Act of Kindness parallels with the 150th number of Psalms. It was a blessing to read this and to see you Praise Him for allowing you to be a blessing to others. May God continue to Bless you in your giving.
    Pastor John F. Barefield, Sr.

  7. Amen. Yes, God does have a sense of humor. May God keep you and your family in His care and May there never be any lack in your household or the next generations because of your generosity and obedience to do His will. Blessings!
    Twana B.

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