151st RAK –Spirit of the Word is in the house – AZ17.

151st RAK – 13 Nov 2019; 7:53 pm – AZ17.

  • This RAK took place at Walmart on Spring Cypress and 249.  I had gone there this evening to purchase some cough medication for my son Korbin.  I left the house minding my own business and Holy Spirit said He wanted me to do a RAK this day.  So, I listened, hallelujah, praise His Holy Name.  As I walked in, looking for the pharmacy aisle, I felt a strong urge to deliver this RAK.  Let me correct that, the urge was first felt as I pulled up to the store.  I’m glad I felt it there, otherwise I would have had to go back to my car.  Once in the store and done finding cough medicine, I searched for the person or family I was supposed to bless that evening.  It didn’t take long, I met and introduced myself to Yolanda Tucker and her daughter.  I asked them what church they attended, and their reply was Spirit of the Word, under Apostles Derek and Cynthia Cooper.  They got my next 2 questions about believing in God and listening to Holy Spirit.  With yes’s I was ready to proceed an express to her and her daughter how important I felt it was to listen to Holy Spirit. And to strengthen their belief that Our Father in Heaven was looking out for them this day.  Praise His Holy Name.

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