152nd RAK – Fellowship is in the house – AZ18.

152nd RAK – 14 Nov 2019; 4:38 pm – AZ18.

  • Back at home at Food Town, the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. This was a quick one. This time in the store (2nd lap) I saw a couple I walked past as I was headed in the store.  I looped around the store until I got back to them. Just to be sure.  I introduced myself and asked the all-important question, “What Church do you attend??  Their reply was Cross Over Fellowship, under Pastor Blake Wilson.  They were Phillip and his wife Nicole Colman.  I proceed to ask them about their belief in God and the importance in listening to Holy Spirit.  We all agreed, and I was ready to move further and do what I was sent there to do. Nicole could believe that God told me to give this to them this $200. Phillip was a bit cooler.  We all praised His Holy Name.  That was the best part!!