156th RAK – Mother and her two kids – first time in Food Town.

156th RAK – 15 Feb 2020; 3:24 pm.

  • Back at home…back at Food Town, the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. Strengthening fellow Christians and growing in our understanding of God, is something everyone of us Christians should strive for.  No…don’t get it confused.  I don’t mean everyone should go around handing out $20-dollar bills.  But every one of us should look for ways to show others the grace, compassion, and love of God.  Because it feels incredible.  This time in Food Town searching around the store, I saw a mother and her two children.  I circled back to them as I canvased my surroundings to make sure it wasn’t someone else.  And it wasn’t. I walked up and asked the mother the question.  Her reply was Lilly of the Valley, under Bishop Maurice Green.  Bless his congregation in the Name of Jesus Christ.  When I introduced myself, they were Adrienne Lewis and her two children.  Nyasia age 16 and her brother Marcus age 19.  May it be 50 years from now, when I’m dead and gone, that these two remember the time that God sent some stranger up to their mother in a store and handed her $200 that he said God told him to deliver to her.  Praise His Holy Name. Yes, it deserves to be praised. So, I praised it all the way home.

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    1. God is so good and I can’t help but to thank God for bringing an angel across my path. My first time ever in that store and walked out with a blessing. My mother passed last year in April. I was angry I was mad that he had to take her so soon. We weren’t ready for her departure BUT GOD decided that her work here on earth was done and fulfilled. He needed his angel home. I had all kinds of doubt. I prayed I frayed and I knew my mom was going to be healed. I had more than a mustard seed of faith that God was going to allow her to have this awesome testimony. But he chose not to. He called my mother home. He makes no mistake, he still shows me that he’s here and that he cares. I thank God for that awesome blessing in Food Town that day. He’s an awesome God and worthy to be praised.

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