155th RAK – HBREA is in the house – Happy Birthday Dee Dee Taylor.

155th RAK – 4 Feb 2020; 9:30 am. Another RAK away from Food Town, this is a special Random Act of Kindness.  This RAK belonged to Dee Dee Taylor.  I have known Ms. Taylor for almost 6-years.  She helps us keep The Houston Black Real Estate Association up and running.  As our Office Manager, she keeps the back office pristine as it has many, many, many moving parts.  She has been following my ministry since it started 4-years ago.  Apparently, 365 Random Acts of Kindness is a bit more time consuming than I initially thought.  But with God’s help was are over a third of the way there.  Praise His Holy name.  Although Ms. Taylor has had 3 other birthdays since we started.  This is the specific birthday that Our Father in Heaven touched my heart to deliver a RAK to her.  She was blown away because as she read them, she never imagined herself as a recipient.  And that’s what God looks like.  I told you His Holy Name deserved to be praised

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