161st RAK – Grace Life Baptist Church is in the house.

161st RAK – 19 Jul 2022; 6:49 pm.

  • Back at Food Town the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. This was my second attempt today.  Went to Walmart on Beltway 8 near I-10 looking for Marcy Watkins this morning, but she wasn’t there. Some might wonder how can I say I was looking for Marcy Watkins there?  The answer is: I was looking for the person I was supposed to Bless today and since the person I was supposed to Bless today was Marcy Watkins, she wasn’t at Walmart. I asked 2 separate families what church they attended.  Both said, “Oh, we don’t go to church”.  So that readers know, this is a lot harder than it looks.  When I asked Holy Spirit how was I supposed to know who He was sending me to?  He told me to ask, “What church do you attend?” The ones that say “I don’t go to church” aren’t the ones He is sending me to. The ones that say “None of your business what church I attend” aren’t the ones He is sending me to.  But the ones who identify with a church are the ones He sent me there to strengthen. To let them know that the God they serve sent this strange man to bless them specifically. It was from Him who sent me. On a side note: on November 5th, 1962 (the day before I got here) if I could have asked God, who is the person you desire me to Bless on 19 Jul 2022, He would have said, Marcy Watkins. How do I know that…you ask?  Cause that’s what happen (ed). Praise His Holy Name. I got to Food Town around 6;40. I walked around the store twice and felt led to no one. As I headed out to my car, I passed this man, a lady, and two kids. When I asked what church they attended, the lady, Marcy Watkins proudly said “Grace Life Baptist Church’. I introduced myself and gave her my next 3 questions about believing in God, believing in Holy Spirit, and listening to Holy Spirit. With “Yes” to all 3 questions, I proceeded to Bless her with these $200 God told me to give her. She was there with her father Kojo King, whom she had just picked up from the airport. He just flew in from Rhode Island. With her were her 2 children Samara age 6 and Suma age 4. Mine you, 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later would not have had both of us at the same place at the same time. Look at God.  I told her how I was looking for her a Walmart earlier and we all laughed at that. I prayed for her, her father, and her children. Then I was out of there. Again, Praise His Holy Name!!

4 thoughts on “161st RAK – Grace Life Baptist Church is in the house.

  1. Awwww it continues to amaze me how awesome our God is and how FAITHFUL you are to the call. Man of God I love you my brother, stay strong and keep doing the thang! Lol! To God be the glory for all that he is doing in your life! Amen

  2. Praise God! Who honors obedience over sacrifice. So being obedient is not a sacrifice; it is all things working together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

  3. I’m in tears almost every time I read about RAK. It’s just so good to be reminded that we serve a God who cares about us and is raising people up to be a blessing even when people aren’t thinking about it. God cares for us! Thanks to you for being obedient to bless God’s people.

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