162nd RAK – The Church Without Walls is back in the house, yet again!!

162nd RAK – 28 Jul 2022; 5:49 pm.

  • Food Town the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. Yes, God has jokes. Readers have heard me utter those words time and time again. Part of how and why I love God so deeply, so very much, with all my heart, is all the ways He finds to make me laugh throughout the day, every day. Revealing Himself to me time and time again. This is the 162nd time I’ve been Blessed enough to bless someone else. (Side note: if God is doing the Blessing there would need to be a capital “B”, if God is allowing me to bless someone it would be a lower case “b”. No, I didn’t read that anywhere, that’s just how I feel directed to write). Where was I? Oh yeah, this is the 162nd time I’ve been Blessed enough to bless someone else. I told God, that I would give this ministry, He gave me, funds over and above my tithes. These funds have absolutely nothing to do with my tithes. When I started dating my wife Lisa in 2006, she said tithing was something we, as Christians, were supposed to do and who we were supposed to be. Thank God for her. Just this act of tithing has brought me closer to God, Our Father. 10 percent of 162 is 16.2. Terry Mitchell is the 16th person from The Church Without Walls…10 percent of all my RAKs. Food Town on the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston is 8.7 miles, 17 minutes away from The Church Without Walls.  I could not count the churches between those two locations. And as God reveals Himself, all I can do is laugh. This time in Food Town, I did two laps around the store looking for the person I was sent there to bless that day. I found no one. I was headed back to my car. There was a car that was pulling into the parking spot next to my car. As the lady got out of her car and headed into Food Town, I asked the question driving my ministry “What church do you go to?” She said, “The Church Without Walls.” I said, “Of course, you do”. She then got my three questions that I already knew her answers to. Questions concerning believing in God, believing in Holy Spirit, and listening to Holy Spirit. With a yes to each question, I proceeded to show her why Holy Spirit sent me to her. Her name was Terry Mitchell, she is a Senior Lab Tech, who attends The Church Without Walls, under Pastor Ralph West. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!!