163rd RAK – Ebenezer Church in the house.

163rd RAK – 27 Aug 2022; 2:50 pm.

  • Food Town is the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress North Houston. This was a quick one. I did not think I had time to do a RAK today…I did not think I was set to do a RAK today. However, Holy Spirit had different plans for me. Bless Him. As I was driving here and there, I felt Holy Spirit tell me that there was someone He needed to be blessed today. And yes, it was my job to do that. I love the way He talks to me. I desire to always, always be able to hear Him when He is speaking to me. This time in Food Town, I ran into Jalesa and her 12-year-old daughter Rulesa. This mother and her daughter were shopping, minding their own business before Holy Spirit decided to use Juan Crawford to strengthen their relationship with Him. As a vessel, my job is not to water, not to cause growth. But only to plant the seed.  The seed of His caring, the seed of His providence. I expressed to them that Our Father’s Grace and Mercy is now and shall always be sufficient and to be Blessed this day.