5th RAK – Having coffee at McDonalds.

5th RAK – 29 Mar 2016; 9:20 am.

  • Walmart, Tidwell and 290. I was on my way to HCC to give a test this morning. As I fought my way through traffic, I heard my phone beep from an incoming text message.  When I read it, it was from the student I was supposed to be giving the test to this morning.  She texted that her grandmother was in the hospital and that she would not be able to make it this morning.  So, 40 minutes into my ride, I turned around and headed to my Leak Properties office to do some work there.  As long as I am going to over that way, I thought I would stop my Walmart and get a drink to go with my lunch I pack at home today. God put on my heart that there was someone in there to deliver my 5th RAK to.  As I walked in, I saw 3 older gentlemen having coffee at McDonalds.  The one gentleman acknowledged me and asked how I was doing today. I said I was having a Blessed Day.  He then said everyday he wakes up is a Blessed Day.  I said to myself, that’s him. I walked down to the other end of get my drink.  As I walked, I asked God, if it was him or another person.  And if so, to bring them into my path before I got my drink, paid for it and headed back towards the McDonalds.  There was no one else.  So I walked up to the gentlemen and introduced myself.  I asked if he knew how people come in to Walmart for different reasons.  That today I came in to buy this drink to be a Blessing specifically to him.  I told him how I received $200 from a business deal, and instead of sowing I into my bank account, God asked me to sow it into His Ministry. He got up and hugged me.  This older white gentleman that was sitting with him said “You mean to tell me that God sent you here and told you to just hand Jacob $200 (his name is Jacob Harding)”.  I said “Yep” and turned to Jacob and said have a Blessed Day Jacob. Back in my car by 9:35.