4th RAK (2nd attempt) – Exact time, exact location.

4th RAK (2nd attempt) – 23 March 2016; 8:20.

  • Food Town, Cypress North Houston and Huffmister, this time they were there. I had been in the store about 4 minutes, seeing if they were there. After not feeling anything and about to head out the front door, I saw a woman and her daughter coming down the frozen food isle right in front of me.  That was them.  I introduced myself, asked what church they attended and what their names were.  I did not recognize the church, but their names were Tifarah and her daughter Jaliyah, she told me. I told her that I attend The Church Without Walls, under Pastor Ralph West. I told her that God Blessed me with an extra $200 through a business deal.  And that instead of sowing it into my bank account, He told me to sow into His Kingdom and that I was supposed to meet her here at this exact time and location.  I told her that this was the second time I had been into to store looking for her.  She started crying and saying that I did not know just how much she needed this.  I told her that God did.  She put down the one item that she had and headed out the door.  In fact, she beat me to my car.  As I saw her get into her car, I spotted three other children in in the back seat.  That woman had herself, plus 4 other mouths to feed.