1st RAK – In God We Trust.

1st RAK – 3 Mar 2016; 1:00 pm.

  • I was in a grocery store named Food Town in Pasadena, Texas. Just outside of Houston. I was just leaving from doing a HUD property inspection headed by to my side of town.  I was a little nervous, being my first RAK and all.  I pulled up to the store and as I got out the car, I saw and picked up a penny on the ground.  For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that God throws change out from up in Heaven every morning.  He does this so that when we pick up the change, we see written across the top that it says “In God we trust.”  That relieved all of my nervousness.  As I walked in the front door of the store, I immediately meet an older couple as they were leaving. I asked, if they were together (of course they were), they said yes.  Then I proceeded to tell them who I was and that God sent me there to give them this $200.  The woman started crying and saying thank you so much.  I said don’t thank me, thank God, because it was Him who sent me there. I then turned around and was back in my car by 1:08 pm.

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  1. I am loving to read these amazing “Acts of Kindness all made by my friend Juan Zane Crawford inspired by God’s Holy Spirit!

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