2nd RAK – Listening to the Holy Spirit.

2nd RAK – 8 Mar 2016; 11:11 am.

  • Grocery stores are dear to my heart. I hear God better there.  This time I was just leaving a board meeting for the Houston Black Real Estate Association.  One of the 50 thousand other things I am involved in.  This time I saw a Kroger supermarket at the corner of Post Oak and Bellfort, I pulled up in a handicap parking space and immediately saw a young lady getting out of her car in the row across from me.  I was in a hurry (as I normally am) so I said to myself, that is who I am supposed to help. 2 seconds later The Holy Spirit said to my heart “No, it is not her.:  If He is quick to speak, then I always need to be quick to listen.  So I headed in to the store, at the door I saw 2 older ladies with canes going over their coupons, and that is when I felt the Holly Spirit say “It’s them”.  So I introduced myself and asked if they knew how important it is to listen to God when He tells you things to do?  They both looked at me strangely and said “Yes.”  I told them I was listening to God and He wants me to give them this $200.  I gave it to the younger looking of the two.  She appeared to be in her early 70s, she immediately gave the older lady half.  No hesitation at all.  She said “You take half”.  I told them to have a Blessed Day and left. Back in my car by 11:20.