140th RAK – Lakewood Church is in the House!!

140th RAK – 29 Jun 2019; 4:50 pm.

  • Back at home, back at Food Town on the corner of Huffmister and Cypress North Houston.  This RAK took place at the front door of the Food Town…we weren’t in the way or anything, just at the front door.  We were there because I had just finished sitting in my car waiting on them to arrive.  Mind you I had already been around the store twice. But, Holy Spirit told me to wait in the car.  So “waited” was what I did.  After about 5 mins, I saw a SUV pull in and 2 ladies got out and I met them at the front door of the store.  I introduced myself and asked what church they attended.  They said Lakewood Church, I smiled.  They were Mary Walls and her mother Olivia Smith.  Their eyes filled with tears when I showed them what God sent me there to do.  Their faith was made stronger today.  That’s what I’m talking about.

One thought on “140th RAK – Lakewood Church is in the House!!

  1. Your RAKs should always call for a response. These are true as the faith you are believing in. The Holy Spirit knows who can be trusted.You are certainly on a path that is not seen or heard of everyday.I mean it cannot be compared to other things in the ministry.Where can anyone find some body as faithful as you are? You are surely in line with the will of God by giving, giving and more giving. That is what God did. Thank You for prophesying in our lives and making it a better place. God you and the family.

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