141st RAK – Mother and 2 children holding things together – AZ10.

141st RAK – 2 Jul 2019; 2:47 pm – AZ10.

  • Food Town on the corner of Huffmister and Cypress North Houston. Praise His Holy Name.  This time in Food Town took me 2 times around the store.  I saw this mother and her 2 children my first time around but continued to search as well.  If it was them, then I trust Holy Spirit to not bring anyone else across my path.  He did not.  So, the second time around, I ran into her down an aisle.  When I approached her, I introduced myself to her.  She was Temesha Johnson and her daughter Temiya Mosley, 6 yrs. old and her son Darya Mosley 7 months old. What a beautiful family.  I failed to write down their church, but she got my next 2 standard questions concerning believing in God and listening to Holy Spirit.  With 2 yes’s I was ready to tell her and show her what God sent me there to do this day.  We both praised His Holy Name.  She really liked the Prayer Book as well. Strengthening fellow believers in Christ, is the best job He could have ever given me. Thanx God.