154th RAK – Saint Andrews Methodist Church is in the house.

154th RAK – 14 Jan 2020; 11:30 am.

  • This RAK took place way on the other side of town.  I was leaving a board meeting with the Houston Black Real Estate Association before being led to deliver this RAK here today.  I believe the true blessing is to be blessed enough to show someone, a stranger, a side of God that they have never seen before. That’s how to strengthen fellow Christians.  My logic here is that sure people have see God work in their lives.  Fellow Christians have seen Him perform miracles before.  At different areas of their lives, each and every one of us Christians have seen that before.  But I have never seen God send someone up to me in a store and say “Here is the $200 God told me to deliver to you, He told me that you would be here this day.  And I was supposed to deliver this to you from Him.” Praise His Holy Name.  That’s just what I said when I met Emma Crooms and asked what church she attended. Her reply was Saint Andrews Methodist Church, under Pastor Cooper.  I smiled because that meant I could do my part in strengthening another one.  See, I told you He was great!!  We both praised His Holy Name, because it truly deserves to be praised.

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  1. When you first started doing this I understood but not understood. The more I read these wonderful testimonies the more I realize that God and his infinite wisdom always know what to do and with whom to do it with. This money shows your undying commitment to the Lord work, wisdom and his will. He pour out you pour out and the money you give every week we’ll just say donut GOD! Proud of you!

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